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FBI talks of Money, Terrorists and secret Diplomatic Payments

You have to give to the Africans. They certainly know how to write messages in semi official language. What makes me wonder is, why do people answer this kind of message when it talks about money from Nigeria being held back by the FBI? I would most people would be scared out of their wits if the FBI suggested they may be doing anything illegal. ———- Forwarded message ———- From:...

Am I a Terrorist?

Sometimes one of the Africans has a fantastic idea. This is one of them. After 9/11 the US has been following money transfers the world over as one of the methods of combating Terrorism. Of course, money transfers not belonging to terrorist organizations are also being followed. This is where this message is trying to profit from. Although the writer tries to emulate an official message from the FBI, he has no...

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